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Options and benefits

Colt Club

Best prices:

  • 30 minutes of shooting only for € 3.95 per firing point (during public opening hours)
  • For Legis Telume members - 45 min shooting! (valid ID required)
  • For companies, organizations - 1 hour of shooting only for € 49.80 (all firing points available + the entire area of Colt Club)

Available for shooters:

  1. Earmuffs
  2. Eye protection (shooting glasses)
  3. Targets and glue

Colt Club 


  • Providing of professional instructions accoding to customer’s demands
  • Lending of short firearm (pistol, revolver) at a good price
  • Selection of various types of targets as required by shooter
  • Seating area with catering and pleasant music (according to individual agreement)
  • Compliant staff
  • Organization of shooting events (evaluation and awarding)
  • Counselling for everyone interested in obtaining a gun license and purchasing or selling weapons

Colt Club


  • Free parking directly in front of the shooting club ( space is monitored by security cameras )
  • Great location in the city center


  • Possibility to organize a specific event according to individual requirements of customers
  • Gun license is not necessary – shooting is possible also for non-licenced public with valid ID card under professional supervision
  • Range Colt Club is a warm and cozy establishment in attractive enviroment where no one will be disturbed
  • Same conditions in every weather and season
  • Independence from other shooters while controlling the target allows better concentration and more confortable shooting

Colt Club


In case of extending gun licence of target shooting (authorization "E“) there is a possibility to issue membership in a shooting club for a reasonable price € 69.50 per year!
Bonus 3 x 30 minutes of shooting is included in this price together with other great benefits!

Specific offer

Possibility to organize company parties, events, presentations and friendly gatherings in the club (in cooperation with SKP – sport s.r.o.).

How to get there